The waters surrounding Mag Bay offer some of the best sportfishing anywhere in the world.

While the area is best known for huge numbers of striped marlin and other pelagics during the fall months, there are excellent fishing opportunities inshore and in the mangrove estuaries year-round.

La Isla Lodge offers several types of boat to accommodate different group sizes and fishing styles and we can cater to conventional tackle fishermen as well as fly fishermen and jig and pop anglers.

Don’t have your own gear or don’t feel like dragging it down? Not to worry. We have top of the line gear and tackle from PENN, Nomad Lures, Mustad, Seaguar and more.

Additionally, our captains and crew are all local guides with many years’ experience fishing these waters. The crew is at your service to help as much or as little as you need.


Offshore fishermen can expect to catch yellowfin tuna and dorado during the summer months. As the summer wanes and fall kicks into gear, these fish are joined by huge numbers striped marlin and wahoo. The offshore season typically runs from August all the way through January.

During the offshore season we chase fish from below Punta Tosco at the south of the entrance to the bay all the way up to the Thetis bank and the Ridge.


This is a much overlooked part of the great fishing that Mag bay has to offer. We frequently target the local reefs and rock piles for grouper, snapper, yellowtail, sierra mackerel and assorted bottom fish.

The inshore action is on tap year round and also makes a great option for families or when the weather offshore isn’t cooperating.

Bay / mangroves

For the light tackle angler or fly fishermen, the bay and mangroves offer a great numbers and variety of fish to target.

The bay has many reliable structure spots that offer great fishing for groupers, bass and yellowtail. These spots range from rockpiles to wrecks and can provide some quality angling just a few minutes from the lodge.

The upper portion of the bay is an estuary lined with thick, healthy mangroves. These mangroves create a perfect nursery for dozens of species of fish including snapper, grouper, pompano, golden trevally and snook. This estuary makes for a giant playground for light tackle and fly anglers. There are miles and miles of mangrove lined shore to explore and fish.

Mag bay fishing seasons

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Yellowfin Tuna
Striped Marlin

Darker indicates better fishing.